• CSI
  • Customized
  • Cleansing
  • Standardizing
  • Normalizing
  • De-Duping

Implementation Support

These services can be rendered for any ERP including SAP, ORACLE, MAXIMO, BAAN, PEOPLESOFT, JD-EDWARDS, MINCOM ELLIPSE, etc

  • Material Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Service Master
  • Asset Register

Data Migration

  • Analyze and define source structure    (structure of data in the legacy system)
  • Analyze and define target structure    (structure of data in the new system)
  • Perform field mapping (mapping    between the source and target structure    with data cleansing, if necessary)
  • Define the migration process    (automated vs. manual)

Physical Verification

  • Verifying stock quantity and location     against book entry
  • Verifying stock quantity, location,     description against book entry
  • Identifying damaged and expired items
  • Reconcile the discrepancy identified,     if any

SPIR Review

Caarpus provides a service on Spare Parts Interchangeability Record (SPIR) means to obtain spare parts information from the equipment suppliers in a standard format. It supports the Purchaser in reviewing and selecting spare parts.

Inventory Analysis

  • Fixing Service level, Buying and     Carrying costs
  • ABC, XYZ, and VED analysis
  • Suggesting Inventory policies
  • Reviewing / Fixing inventory levels -     Min / ROL / EOQ / Max
  • Identify Under stock and over stock     items

Master Data Maintenance

  • Supply & Implement Software with or    without interface to ERP for MATERIAL    MASTER, SERVICE MASTER, VENDOR    MASTER and CUSTOMER MASTER.
  • Receive requests for these masters    from End users, validate and create /    amend / delete in the MDM Software.
  • The activity can be carried out from    Client premises or from our office.
  • The data created/amended/deleted/    extended in our MDM software can be    immediately migrated to Client ERP    through interface/integration.
  • The interface/integration can be either    SINGLE or TWO WAY.
  • The interface/integration can be    ON-PREMISE or REMOTE.