Caarpus Technology Services Private Limited has been setup and launched with a global vision with expertise and experience in the field of materials, maintenance and Information Technology management for versatile industrial verticals.

The vital objective of Caarpus is to enable its customers to improve overall efficiency within its business functions and optimize overall maintenance and procurement costs, using the value-based services, solutions and consulting.

Caarpus believes firmly that it can succeed only when our customers do succeed. Our specific strategic approach to customers with core business value is to deliver the best services, solutions and consulting.


.To be the leading provider of quality, cost effective,  imaginative and holistic business solutions through the innovative use of information technology to promote a high level of efficiency and productivity.


Continuously identify, offer and develop new business opportunities, including electronic commerce, for clients and to equip them with technologically friendly and structurally sound tools and solutions that will take them to the forefront of the digital economy.

Form strategic partnerships with leading technology and service providers to deliver the full spectrum of world-class business and technological solutions.

Business Focus

To serve as a business and technology enabler, providing consulting, project management and implementation expertise.

Core Values

  • Employee First
  • Teamwork
  • Quality Focus
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Consistent Upgradation
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Transparency &
            Ethical Business Practices.



What Caarpus stands for ?

Caarpus of Antioch a lesser known Greek mathematician, who applied geometry to other arts, is the inspiration which has made us to call ourselves Caarpus Technology Services Pvt Ltd. We as an organization wants to be versatile and intend to extend his way of working in the services that we render to our clients. Carpus is also a group of small bones joining the arm and the hand at the wrist. As much as each of these bones is important for the wrist functions we believe that data management in all its various aspects is crucial to the success of any enterprise.